Links to local research centres

ASD-UK works with child health teams and researchers from across the UK. Where an ASD research team has a local database of families who take part in their research studies, we are happy for them to be contacted about joining ASD-UK. We are also pleased to tell families who are part of ASD-UK about any local ASD research databases close to them. This way, ASD-UK can work with the UK ASD research groups to support recruitment to high quality ASD research studies that have the potential to benefit children with ASD and their families.

Families living in the Cardiff / South Wales area

The Wales Autism Research Centre (WARC) is setting up a local Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) database. Their aim is to include families who may be happy to travel to Cardiff to take part in local ASD research.


You can find out more information about WARC at, or contact Dr Sarah Carrington on 02920 870 471 or email