Paediatricians and child development teams from towns and cities across the UK have agreed to inform parents/carers of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis whom they see, or have seen in the past, about the ASD-UK project. This gives families the opportunity to be included on the database.

The clinician who discusses the ASD-UK project with a family will give parents/ carers an information sheet that explains the database and what it means to take part. Some parents, who no longer see their child development team, may receive an information sheet from their clinician by post.

Parents/carers who choose to take part will complete a ‘contact’ form and send it to the research team. This means that we can then get in touch with you to explain more about the database and send a pack that includes a consent form and information to fill in about your child’s ASD diagnosis.

If you have read the information sheet and think you would like to take part, you can contact us directly (see contact us). We can discuss the project with you and send you a pack.

ASD-UK works closely with Daslne, the Database of children with ASD living in the North East, which was established in 2003. Therefore families in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear who think they may like to take part in research should contact Mary Johnson, Daslne Co-ordinator
Email: Tel: 0191 282 1400 or visit the Daslne website